Affiliate Program Affiliate Program (FOCUS Affiliates) is a program in which and organizations, large companies, and/or nonprofits come together to ensure the collaboration, networking, and success of businesses directly to receive benefits of services offered via There is no cost for FOCUS Affiliate because we are all in business for business.   FOCUS Affiliates already are doing great work.  It is a daily part of their business, assisting businesses, networking, and recommend opportunities available to businesses. We are asking FOCUS Affiliates to please consider to be one of the available opportunities and a value to businesses that you network with daily. 

We want to mutually benefit the FOCUS Affiliates. We appreciate any recommendations given. We are all working to help.  We want to reward or pass on part of the benefits for any recommendation resulting in membership back to the FOCUS Affiliate. Our goals are that FOCUS Affiliates directly benefit from network of business members too.

FOCUS Affiliates receives during the new members enrollment year the collective amount of $50 per month for each referral/recommendation of the membership.