About Us

Our Mission

We are more than a business directory for businesses, we are a global network with resources to help your business thrive!

Not having real-time accessibility/visibility to companies’ products and services can prevent business from reaching their full potential.

Provide directory of businesses information, products and/or services for customers redeemable and discounts to assist businesses to increase their customer contact.

Provide monthly income to business and work from home community; assisting with financial growth.

FocusOwnYou.com provides a Network and Services promoting SUCCESS!


Extraordinary Experiences

FOCUSOwnYou CEO Temeca Jones: ”I have worked in business as an entrepreneur for 20+ years.  I know for a fact having customers, mentorship, networking, and training are important keys to having a successful business. We want to pass on what we have learned to our members, and assist with one of the most important aspects of business.  Let us be your customer and bring you financial stability monthly.”

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Our Core Values

Focus on providing Opportunities via Connections and networking Unifying minority, small, woman owned, self-employed, and nonprofit businesses for Success.

  • The biggest value is that we are a monthly customer to the business owner
  • Directory for business to have access to additional customers
  • Collaboration network to assist with business needs is key to success


FOCUSOwnYou.com is a start-up business trifecta incorporating brand marketing business, a virtual collaboration business incubator, and
shopFOCUSnow providing business products/services free and discounted to online consumers.  FOCUSOwnYou.com is in Business FOR Businesses. FOCUSOwnYou.com is not only a Customer to the Businesses, but a lead generator FOR businesses, and a Knowledge Base FOR the businesses. The primary business of this service includes (but is not limited to) businesses owned and operated by minorities, women, self-employed, freelancer/entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and work from home community.

Why Us?

We are more than a business directory for businesses, we are a global network with resources to help your business thrive!

We offer years of experience between ourselves and our network on how to become a successful in your business.

Networking and Collaboration is KEY!

Review of your business plans and goals can lead you into the right direction.

Our goal is to provide keys to educational and business success.